February 22, 2017

Happy Time Squares,

Our February dance evening was filled with fun and a lot of our square dance friends from other clubs.  It was exciting for us to have nine squares of dancers on the floor for the first Mainstream tip of the evening.  Vic called a great dance, as always, with a guest tip by Larry Crady.   Vernon Nelson and Judy Broers helped keep the dancers moving all evening with their Cueing of Rounds and Lines.  It was a perfect evening for dancing.

Jim & Edie Boehle were our Team Leaders for the evening with their crew taking care of set-up, refreshment table, decorations,greeting and clean-up.  Bruce, Silke and Vickie kept the drinks readily available for the evening.   There are always a lot of unnamed members that help throughout the evening and our thanks go out to all of you.

We were happy to welcome some of our new dancers that are just finishing lessons as well as new dancers from other clubs.  We look forward to dancing with all of you in the months to come.   The Tenderfoot dance will be March 19th at Croco Hall, starting at 2:10 with a Ceremony for New Dancers.  Please try to be there at least by 2:00, we always look forward to a large crowd and you don’t want to miss any of it.  It is an opportunity to dance to area Callers and meet new people.

We had two clubs that marched for our banners, the Wheathearts and Shawnee Swingers.  Ottawa Promenaders retrieved their banner.  It is our privilege to welcome clubs that come to visit.

Our next dance is March 11th, with a Mardi Gras theme so mark that on your calendar.

Mary K will be sending out a reminder about these next two dances.  This Friday night we will Travel to Wheathearts to help them celebrate their Anniversary dance and then on Saturday Bluestem Swingers are having a Silent Auction fund raiser and Wade Morrow will be calling.

Friday night is a Travel dance. We usually wear red and black outfits but if you have something else that you would like to wear that evening, we will be glad to have you with us.

We don’t go to BlueStem Swingers very often because of the distance, but this is their Fundraiser and we always like to support our neighboring clubs.  Wade Morrow is calling.   A lot of you have danced to Wade and know that he does a great job and is a fun caller.

click for dance photos

Hope to see you all in a square soon.