October 13, 2014

Greetings Happy Time Squares Members-

On Saturday, October 11th, Happy Time Squares held their Harvest Moon Dance.  We had 43 members and 41 guests, for a total of 84 dancers.  We even had a couple from North Carolina dancing with us.  They knew several couples from our area from their winters in Texas, so it was fun seeing them meet up with each other again.

Vic called his usual wonderful dance, but we also danced to tips called by Lynn Nelson, Chris Wildhagen, Diana Wagner, and Virginia Yerta.  Julie cued a couple of rounds and Tonya did lines in place of Judy, who wasn’t able to be with us.  The fall decorations were beautiful and of course the food was delicious!  Our club knows how to cook!

Riverbend Promenaders stole a banner and the officers from Heart of America were also there in good numbers.  All in all, what a fun dance we had!  We missed all of you who weren’t able to make it!

Your Presidents