July 14, 2014

Greetings Happy Time Squares Members-

What a wonderful dance we had on Saturday night:  60 HTS members and 76 guests, for a total of 136 dancers!  That’s the biggest dance we’ve had in at least 2 years, except for our BBBBQ!  Wasn’t it fun to have such a full floor!  Thanks to all of our members who brought food to share, we didn’t run out of food!  Vic called another lively dance and even included a “Hot Hash” tip for even more excitement.  We also enjoyed a tip called by Wade and Lydia Morrow as well as one by our own Lynn Nelson.  Judy and Julie did their usual great job in cueing the Lines and Rounds.  We had three clubs (Frontier Twirlers, Shawnee Swingers, and State Fair Promenaders) march for banners, one of which was from Hutchinson.  They traveled quite a distance to be with us.  A fun group, they are friends of the Ketchums and Andersons, who graciously hosted them for the weekend.

click for dance photos


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