This photo is from our Eighth Anniversary Dance on 11 January 2015, as we entered our 9th year of square dance fun.

Happy Time Squares Square Dance Club was founded in September 2005 and our first dance was January 14, 2006.

We dance the 2nd Saturday of every month, at 1st Methodist Church, West Campus (867 Hwy 40), in Lawrence.   Our dances begin at 7:30 pm with 30 minutes of Plus tips, followed at 8:00 pm with a Mainstream program, with one Line or Round dance between each tip.

Our caller is Vic Perry.   Lines are by Judy Broers,   and Rounds by Julie Pigg.

We emphasize fun and friendship, and attribute reports from visitors, who are very pleased to visit and revisit our club dance, to our quality program of square, line and rounds dancing, with the emphasis on having a good time each dance.

Our dances are typically decorated with various colorful themes, and the club snacks have been a favorite with our visiting dance guests.   The coffee is always on and cold drinks are also available.

We invite you to come visit as we go into our eighth year of Food, Fun & Fellowship square dancing!

CUNA   Square!