March 5, 2013

Greetings Happy Time Squares Members-

Please see the below message from your HTS First Vice Presidents regarding our wonderful Graduation Dinner and Celebration Monday night:

Congratulations to our new Happy Time Squares members!

What a night it was as Happy Time Squares members came to celebrate and honor our 2013 graduates.  The room was transformed into an array of red, yellow, and black as members diligently set up and decorated, making it an extra special night for the graduates and all who attended.

Stan & Lois Zaremba, as they have done for years, so graciously prepared a delicious meal that was appreciated by all. Tonya Ketchum baked and decorated a beautiful cake in honor of our graduates, and Mary Kay Bahnmaier brought her special brownies to add to the dessert table.  Bob Rainbolt and Vernon Nelson were busy taking pictures throughout the evening.

Once the ceremony began and after thanking and showing appreciation to those who had helped, Betty Alexander read the "10 Commandments For Square Dancing" which was humorous and enjoyed by all of us.  We were happy to have Marvin & Diane Knoche visit us on this special night to invite our new students to the Tenderfoot Dance this Sunday.

John & Beth Hoffman, Tim & Ronda Shepard, Dale & Betty Guder and Bob & Linn Suderman were invited to come up and participate in our yearly candlelight service and each couple took turns speaking about the four keys to the success of square dancing...Friendliness, Duty, Democracy and Fun!  Vic started the ceremony by lighting the first candle.

Vic gave the students "The Test" and Sadie May came to the rescue, helping the class to graduate with flying colors!  Vic was like a proud parent as he handed out their diplomas.  Carol Noe handed them their packets and at that time Marvin & Diane gave the students their Tenderfoot Dance passes.  Betty Anderson brought a special hand-made gift for our lady graduates.  It was an exciting and much anticipated night not only for our nine graduating students but for the members of our HTS club.

Thank you to all who helped to make this a success.

Congratulations to our new Happy Time Squares Members!  We are proud of you!

And Dave & I would like to thank Carol & Keith for all their hard work!

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Caller Vic with our Newest Happy Time Squares Members