October 15, 2012

Howdy Happy Time Squares Members:

Report for  Feed The Hungry Dance  - October 13, 2012

Fifty-one HTS members were joined by twenty-six guest for our "Feed The Hungry Dance".  Although it was a raining fall evening outside, the dance atmosphere was dry, warm and friendly.  A BIG thanks to all our guest and members for sharing your food, cash donations and blessings this Saturday night.  We collected a cash total of $200.00 and stacks of food donations.

As always, Vic Perry called a great dance.  Rosalee and I (Toni) personally like his rendition of "Sincerely".  Sam Hunsaker contributed a lively tip.  Vernon and Judy cued the popular round dances and line dances.  It looked to us like everyone was having a wonderful time!  How truly blessed we are as a club to have such talent for our dances.

Keith & Carol Noe and Tonya Ketchum helped C.J. & Pat Baker with the refreshment table and beverages.  Connie Northrop, Edie Boehle and Sherry Brun provided the right touch with fall colors and decorations.  Donna Perry gave all our guest a warm welcome and goodbye.  Thanks to Mark & Loretta Posch, Dale & Betty Guder and Frank & Betty Alexander and to all who stayed to clean up and set up.  We appreciate Ivey & Don Harris who staffed the check in table in the absence of our treasures Tim and Ronda Shepard, who are on vacation in Ireland.

Finally, thank you to everyone who came to our dance and made the evening a great success.  What a great club we have!!

Lessons Continue - Angels Invited!

We encourage angels to come to our lessons on Monday evening at Centenary United Methodist Church-7:00pm.  Come and enjoy the evening with our new dancers.

Travel Dance

Come and support our travel dance this Friday to Shawnee Swingers at Croco Hall 7:30pm to retrieve our banner.

Check out our website   Photo Album   for great pictures of our dance.

Hope to see you all soon in a square.