May 13, 2012

Greetings to Happy Time Squares Members:

Report for  Spring Into Summer Dance Party  - May 12, 2012

Our "Spring Into Summer" dance was a great success with eleven visiting clubs and twenty-six guests & sixty-four HTS members.  Everyone enjoyed a great evening of dancing.

We are grateful for our caller, Vic Perry, who always does such a marvelous job of calling & keeps everyone smiling & having fun as they dance.  Lynn Nelson, Wade Morrow, Virginia Yerta and Diana Wagner also did a great job of taking a turn calling for the dancers.  A special thanks to Judy & Gene Broers who cued the line dancing in between tips.

We appreciate the many people who make our dances so enjoyable.  Lloyd & Connie Northrop and Lynn Nelson greeted dancers with smiles and a warm welcome.  Robert Mugridge and Ruth Mitchel were there to say good-bye to guests at the end of the evening.  Ace & Lareeda Hickey and Larry & Alice DeMoss helped with the refreshment table.  CJ & Pat Baker, Danny & Betty Lucas did a great job, as usual, providing the coffee, tea and water for the dancers.  Jeanne Bronoski, Lois Zaremba and Betty Alexander cut and arranged fresh flower into bouquets that decorated the hall to remind us of this wonderful time of the year, transitioning from spring into summer.  Lynn & Sherry Brun, Dave & Tonya Ketchum helped with the set-up and clean-up.

We appreciate that Jim Boehle does a theme drawing for the signboard each month, and a thank you to our faithful treasurers Tim & Ronda Shepard.  All the food brought by the HTS members makes a special treat with the many variety of foods that are brought and enjoyed by our members and guests.

If you are planning on being at the 60th Kansas State Square Dance Convention in June, please consider signing up for a 1-hour time slot to help with either being a greeter or help with selling tickets.

Put Saturday, August 25th, on your calendars for our upcoming Boots Bows & Barbecue annual dance.  Vernon & Toni Nelson have tickets available now, and the tickets will also be available at our monthly dances.

click here for dance photos

Our next dance will be June 9th, "Garden Party".  Hope to see you there!

1st Co-Vice Presidents