March 16, 2012

Greetings to Happy Time Square Members:

Report for  Wearin' Of The Green Dance Party  - March 10, 2012

Sixty members and thirty-three guest joined by ten visiting clubs celebrated Saint Patrick's Day by the Wearin' of the Green Dance on March 10.  Our Saturday evening weather was mild but the dance atmosphere was warm and friendly.  Green was the color to be seen in the dance hall along with green shirts and skirts worn by square dancers.

Jeanne Bronoski, MaryK Bahnmaier, and Rosalee Rainbolt provided just the right touch with green shamrocks and leprechauns.  Larry & Alice Demoss, Ruth Mitchell, Pat & C.J. Baker, and David & Kathie Rasmussen kept our green table filled with delicious foods for our members and guest.  Frank & Betty Alexander and Donna Perry made sure our members and guests received a warm welcome and goodbye.  Thanks to all who helped with set up and clean up, Sherry & Lynn Brun, Mike Bronoski and Carl Bahnmaier.  Tim & Ronda Shepard for staffing the check in table and selling our dollar coins for our pot of gold.  Our dance was a success because of all who worked together.  Also thanks to everyone who brought snacks and desserts.

Special recognition and many thanks to Dave & Barbara Neff who wrote and put together our wonderful, colorful 2012 HTS Directory.  What an outstanding job they did.  She still has more directories for sale.

Our HTS caller Vic Perry, who looked handsome in his green sport coat, did a marvelous job of keeping the dancers moving.  Vernon and Judy cued the rounds and lines to a hall full of dancers who looked like they were enjoying the music and dancing.  HTS is very blessed to have them as part of our monthly dances and as members of this great club.

We were delighted to see former HTS members Gen & Darrell Donahue.  Glad they joined us for some square and round dancing.  Hope to see them again soon at our dances.

Some of our HTS members attended the Tenderfoot Dance, Sunday, March 11 at Croco Hall.  We were pleased to see our newest members Bev & Ron Roe proudly carrying our club banner during the parade of banners.  We welcome them to our club and hope to see more of them at our monthly dances.

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Put April 14 on your calendars for our next HTS dance, Falling Raindrops.  We hope to see you all there.