October 12, 2010

October Dance Report

Fellow Members of Happy Time Squares-

Our October dance party, Share Our Harvest, was a great dance with many of our favorite dancing guests and visiting callers.  Not only was it a fun dance but our members' generosity of bringing food and money donations for Just Food is appreciated by those less fortunate in our community.  Thank you Happy Time Squares.

We had 41 visitors from 9 clubs join our 74 HTS members, for a total of 115 dancers.  In addition to dancers, our friends from Brandon Woods sat to watch the evening's dancing  Our traditional Happy Trails Circle ended a fun evening.

Visiting clubs were:  BNR Squares, Buckles & Bows, Frontier Twirlers, Ottawa Promenaders, Riverbend Promenaders, Swingin' Singles, Swinging Squares, TNT, Wheathearts.

Five visiting callers were in attendance:  Gene Arnott (retired), Larry Crady, Sam Hunsaker, Lynn Nelson, and Chris Wildhagen.  Vic turned the mic over to Lynn and Chris for a fun duet tip, and again to Larry and Sam to share another tip.

We had three clubs marching to retrieve their banners:  Riverbend Promenaders, Swinging Squares, and Wheatheart Squares.

Thank you to so many HTS members for making the dance such fun for so many of our members and guests.  Charlotte Ikenberry, Edie Boehle, and Lois Zaremba did up Decorations while Jim Boehle, along with Vernon & Toni Nelson and Dave & Barbara Neff did Setup.  Mark & Loretta Posch, Ruth Mitchel, Marci Clester, and Robert Mugridge Greeted arriving dancers.  Thanks to the Refreshments Committee of Lynn & Sherry Brun, Frank & Betty Alexander, and Gary & Maria Sanden who kept the tables and drinks stocked and flowing.  They, and Larry & Alice DeMoss did a great job.  Finally, thanks to Jim Boehle for another theme board masterpiece!

Thank you to all our members that brought refreshments, we do appreciate your contributions and the dancers sure do enjoy your efforts.  We hear many compliments from our guests on quality and quantity of the tables.

Vic called one of his usual superb dances, throwing in an energetic Fisherman's Luck on special request from Ivey.  It was a breathless rendition!  Of course, Vernon and Judy cued floor-fulls of Rounds and Lines between tips.

Toward end of evening, some visiting dancers whose names we will not mention here, saw fit to kidnap Caller Vic.  They were, as subsequently admitted, so well disguised as to hide their nefarious intentions that Happy Time Squares were caught completely off guard and unable to intercede.  Apparently Vic got the best of them once they were outside the hall as he soon returned to thunderous applause for outsmarting the rowdy bunch.  Click    here  for their full braggadocious account, tauntingly sent to us.  Of course we will retaliate. . . .but when we can catch them by surprise!

You have a lot of dancing opportunities coming up this week:

Friday, October 15:

Travel Dance to Frontier Twirlers Friday night.  Osawatomie Municipal Auditorium, 8:00pm, Bill Roles calling.  Please call Lareeda to let her know you will be going.

Shawnee Swingers, Croco Hall, 7:30pm.  New caller Kerry Wallace from Emporia will be calling, Lalla doing Rounds.

Saturday, October 16:  Ottawa Promenaders' "Pumpkin Fest", Ottawa Middle School, 7:30pm,  Vic will be calling.

Or, Swinging Squares' "Discover America" dance at Croco, 7:30pm, with Larry Crady calling.

Be sure to check Lareeda's Calendar on HTS website for upcoming October dancing opportunities.

We hope to CUNA Square soon!