March 17, 2008

As we all patiently (or not) wait for Spring to arrive Happy Time Squares stay warm and connected by dancing and having fun with friends. During this past month Happy Time Squares have gone to dances at several surrounding clubs with wonderful representation. February 20, Kuntry Kuzzins: This was an official Travel Dance with twenty HTS members enjoying an evening of dancing to Vic Perry. February 22, K.C. Whirl Aways: Seventeen HTS members traveled with the intentions of stealing the Whirl Aways banner but we were unable to, as we understand, because the Whirl Aways also belong to the Square Dance Federation in the Kansas City area. The Federation guidelines state that the first club, with one square, to arrive for the dance may steal the banner. We did meet several people from different clubs in the area and enjoyed the evening dancing with them. February 23, Docey Dandies: Several of us went to Gardner and had a fun evening dancing to Bill Roles. While at the dance the snow started and by the time we left there was at least three inches waiting for us, a beautiful sight making for a slow drive home. February 29, Wheathearts: Fun Dance. March 1 and March 15, Ottawa Promenaders: Fun Dances. March 2, NEKSDA Benefit Dance: March 8, Leprechauns & Lucky Shamrocks: Our own dance with One Hundred twelve dancers, seventy-five HTS members and thirty-seven guests enjoying the Saint Patrick’s Day theme reflected in Vic’s calling, the decorations and the green outfits worn by the dancers. Thanks to Judy for cueing the lines and to the Decorating and Refreshment Committees. March 9, Tenderfoot Dance at Croco Hall: NEKSDA chose a different location for this years Tenderfoot dance, Croco Hall worked very nicely and the hard wood floor was wonderful for our afternoon of dancing. HTS was well represented with fifteen new dancers and thirty-three angels. What a great showing for our club. Bob and Rosalee went over early to help decorate the hall with the Tenderfoot theme. March 10, Drury Place: Monday evening twenty-six HTS members entertained the residences of Drury Place, a retirement community. Arrangements for the evening were made by Nancy Wickersheim one of our members. Several of the residents used to square dance and some of them remembered when Vic was learning to call. Happy Time Squares is a club that enjoys visiting and traveling. I am sure that a lot of our members have gone to dances that have not been listed in this message. We want to keep that practice going and always invite other clubs to come visit us. We are taking this opportunity to thank the Directory committee comprised of Barbara Neff, Toni Nelson and Elois Allan. After their initial meeting to plan the contents of the directory Barbara started working on the format and layout. Most of the pictures had already been taken by Bob Rainbolt at our Anniversary dance. Bob worked hard and got as many more pictures as he could. Thanks Bob!! Barbara went through past pictures, made phone calls and the remaining pictures were obtained. Barbara spent many hours compiling and printing the book and with the help of Dave, Bob and Rosalee all of the books were put together for your convenience and pleasure. Thanks to all for a professional looking directory. If you have not picked up your directory yet or if you would like to purchase one they will be available at our next dance on April 12th for $2.00. Up Coming Events: March 19th, Kuntry Kuzzins, 7:30 at Croco Hall March 21, Sunflower Squares 7:30 at Leawood, KS. This is a Travel Dance March 22, Swinging Squares, 7:30 at Croco Hall March 29, KSDA Jubilee, Starting at 3:00, Croco Hall April 4, Strato Jets, 7:30, at Croco Hall This is a Travel Dance April 5, Ottawa Promenaders, 8:00 Lareeda just sent a more detailed message today about the above dances and car-pooling. Please check it out and print off the monthly calendars for reference. If changes need to be made a second calendar will be issued. Remember!!!! Our next dance is April 12th at 7:30. “Spring Time with Donna” Sounds like another great dance. Dancing is great exercise and fun to do with friends. Try to go as much as you can. Frank and Betty