A Message From Our President

December 09, 2007

Dear Happy Time Squares and New Happy Time Square Dancers:

It was a cold, blustery evening for an HTS dance, however, after "sweating out" the weather forecast to decide the weather would cooperate to the extent we could indeed safely hold a dance, the "Fireside Fun" dance went off with warmth, fun, entertainment and with no problem.   We were pleased with the intimate nature of this dance, though it did not have the enjoyment of the regular numbers of traveling visitors.

A total of sixty-one attended our December 8th dance, including Vic Perry, our caller.   We had two guests (one each from the Kuntry Kuzzins and KC Whirl-A-Ways) and fifty-nine HTS members.

Judy Broers came in from Wellsville to provide the lines, which included some Christmas favorites.   Thanks for "trucking in" to be with us, Gene & Judy!!

There was one one-inch gold-loup earring which was found and brought to us, which came from the church parking lot.   Give us a call if it is yours.   Otherwise, we will see if the church has had a missing earring reported and give it to them by the end of the month.

There were quite a number of folks who signed up to help Lynn and Sherry Brun with their Refreshment, Decoration, and Greeters' committees.   Thanks for doing that so promptly!   You will have further opportunity to sign up, as there remain several slots to be filled.   You might simply call the Bruns 785-312-7105, or   email Bruns,   in order to arrange your own time(s).


We want to thank you for our club Administration gift!!   We will greatly enjoy the restaurant treats it will bring.   Secondly, we certainly will enjoy Vic & Donna Perry's table plaque regarding our soon-to-be past presidency. Thirdly, Connie received a beautiful bouquet of roses, and appreciate all this generosity.

It has been an honor, privilege and fun to lead the HTS the past two and one half years.

In a personal note, thank you for the visits, get-well cards & well-wishes you shared during my recent hospitalization.   Thank you for your kindness.   Your well-wishes are succeeding, as once again I can walk and am even able to sleep on my left side, which had not been possible the past seven years.   'Twon't be too long before we'll again be squaring up!

To recap some facts we are very proud:   The Happy Time Squares was established on September 22, 2005, by sixteen members, following completion of non-profit, etc., paperwork.   We announced the club at the first public apprearance at the NE KS Fall Friendship Dance at Croco, and from then the club grew to 124 members by early 2007.   Presently, with attrition and new dancers included, overall the member status stands at 114, including those eleven who were contacted Friday who stated they were renewing their membership for 2008.   We are very pleased with these facts, and are confident the Happy Time Squares will continue well into the future.

Our best wishes to Vic, Judy & Vernon for a continued program which has been very entertaining, fresh and lively.

We look forward to the next administration of Frank & Betty Alexander, who have already served our club on an extended, dedicated manner in many HTS roles.

Merry Christmas to All!!

                        -- Lloyd & Connie

"'Happy Times' Will Come With Square Dancing In 2008!!"