A Message From Our President

July 15, 2007

Dear Happy Time Squares:   Guests and the Happy Time Squares celebrated Uncle Sam's 231st birthday last evening (Saturday).   The evening was a celebration of "old," "new," and everything in between.   At 231 years, the US is older than democratic France and other newer nations, and much younger than England.   Similarly, we honored all of the New Dancers, who have been dancing less than two years, and those on the other spectrum of having square danced over 40 years.

The "New Old" Fed Facts Editor, Floyd Bartley, added to the comparison of time, introducing himself with his humorous introduction.   He explained he had edited the Facts earlier for a six-year stint, and after an interim, is now again editing.

One-hundred forty-nine dancers attended the appropriately decorated party.   There were 70 Guests and 79 Members, which would total eighteen squares and five spares.   Fifteen visiting clubs were the Frontier Twirlers, Bluestem Swingers, TNT, Kuntry Kuzzins, Lone Wranglers, Buttons & Bows, Ottawa Promenaders, Top Kan Twirlers, Camper Squares, B-N-R, Docey Dandies, Mustangs, Sunflower Squares, Strato-Jets, Shawnee Swingers.

Vic Perry provided an excellent square dance calling program, complete with a duet of "Fisherman's Luck" with guest caller Lynn Nelson.   During the PLUS phase of the dance, Wally Kelly, visiting Rounds Cuer cued an Advanced Round.   Other callers who visited were Shirley Meloche & Diana Wagner.   Lines were provided by Judy Broers.   Vernon Nelson taught the Rounds dancers a quickly-perceived step at the close of one round:   "Quick Kiss".

Approximately 80 tickets for the "Boots, Bows & Barbecue" special Fund Raising meal and square dance have been sold.   This event will occur on September 22, and will be at Building 21 of the Douglas County 4-H Fairgrounds.   We have reserved both sides of the building, and will have lots of room for lots of fun!!   We encourage all of our readers to contact one of the members at a dance or give us a call at 785-266-7048 (Toni Nelson), 785-843-2584 (Frank or Betty Alexander) or 785-841-3826 (Lloyd or Connie Northrop).   We assure you that you will have both a tasty meal and an excellent square dance, complete with fun and fellowship.

As of July 14th, the HTS has attained 52% of the total club pre-registered for the 57th National Square Dance Convention in Wichita.   We will now be listed in the Travel On for Club Recognition For Outstanding Recognition for 50% Registered for the 2008 Convention.

HTS has a demonstration August 2, with Larry Crady calling from 6:30 to 7:30 PM., at the Douglas County Fairgrounds in front of the stage, near Building 21.   Please come out to view or to participate in the fun!

At this time the club is seeking New Dancers, with classes beginning Monday, Sept. 17 at 7 PM, and taught by Vic Perry.

Our next dance, August 11, has the theme "Favorite T-Shirt" and is casual.   The dance will be at the Prairie Park Elementary, 2511 Kensington.   Vic Perry will call PLUS starting at 7:30 and the Mainstream will run from 8 - 10 PM.   We'd enjoy having you!!

                        -- Lloyd & Connie

"'Happy Times' Come From Square Dancing In 2007"