A Message From Our President

July 12, 2007

Dear Happy Time Squares:   Saturday evening is an opportunity to share some patriotic tunes and belately help to celebrate our nation's 231st birthday.   HTS' dance theme is Stars & Stripes, and so come to celebrate and to enjoy a good time.

Please keep all our guests and new dancers in mind, as you continue to mix in a friendly fashion to ensure they all have a good time at our dance.   Frank Alexander & I attended the 56th National Square Dance Convention's Club Leadership program, and again learned that what you are doing as a club, (HTS) continues to be best practices for our club members and guests.   A resounding "Thanks" to each of you for helping HTS to be such a supportive, fun-loving group.

Please bring finger-foods to share at the dance Saturday night.

We will also be selling "Boots, Bows & Barbecue" tickets for September 22, 2007.   That event is just over nine weeks away, and so please come prepared to purchase your tickets, at the same great rate of last year ($10/person), to support this important club Fund Raising effort.   Toni Nelson, Frank Alexander, Stan Zaremba & a number of us will be happy to sell you your ticket to the best bargain in an evening's cuisine & entertainment for your partner and yourself.   The tickets will be $2 more if not purchased in advance.

Toni Nelson is in charge of ticket sales, and would enjoy your help with selling tickets, if you would like.   Please see Toni to check out tickets from her to sell.   Tickets can/will be sold at all other area dances.

We look forward to being with each of you Saturday night at the Fairgrounds.   Vic Perry, Judy Broers and Vernon Nelson will provide a wonderful dance program.   PLUS starts at 7:30, and Mainstream starts at 8:00.   We will conclude at 10:00.

                        -- Lloyd & Connie

"'Happy Times' Come From Square Dancing In 2007"

PS   Pam Young, the Rounds Cuer from Topeka, is in charge of the 2008 Wichita National Convention's "Sew & Save".   She has requested raffle items (craft or purchased items, baskets, etc.).   If you are able to help her in this way, please contact her at   email,   785-286-3785 or 3311 NW Hickory Ridge Lane, Topeka, KS 66618-2724.