A Message From Our President

June 4, 2007

Dear Happy Time Squares:   What a HAPPY TIME we had in Salina this past weekend at the annual KSDA Convention!!

Six-hundred thirty-five total dancers attended from our state, Nebraska, Missouri and Oklahoma.   We had fifty-eight (58) Happy Time Squares in attendance, including the Andersons, Alexanders, Bahnmaier, Bakers, Basels, Boehles, Bogner, Broers, Cole, DeMosses, Douglass, Dyers, Ertls, Friauf, Gibson, Groninger, Harrises, Hickeys, Jacob, Kowalewskis, Lange, Lucases, Neffs, Nelsons, Northrops, Page, Perry, Price, Rainbolts, Reiling, Shipps, Sirridges, Wickersheims, Wilson/Eckhoff, & Zarembas.   (Please let us know if we missed anyone.)

Rosalee & Bob Rainbolt designed all of the decorations for the four dance halls this year, with the theme:   "Get Your Kicks At The '56", as this is the fifty-sixth KSDA annual convention.   Many HTS's helped them with the installation and removal of the decorations, with many compliments during the dance regarding the "coolness" of the decorations, as they were a fun reminder of the 'fifties, which many of us lived and remembered.   Thank you to all who helped in this happen!

Darryl Lipscomb called, and was just the person for the 'fifties theme, rolling into the hall on his Harley, with rounds cuer Kristie Kennedy on the back of his bike.   Vic Perry called and MC'd some of the KS sessions throughout the weekend, with Judy Broers initiating Line Dancing at the KSDA Convention, as they were never before presented.   Vernon Nelson also cued his first State Convention as a Rounds cuer.   All three of our HTS Dance-Masters added neat qualities to the convention -- again all three from our Lawrence club were well-received and complimented.   Thanks for your good work!

Greeters Saturday Morning included Frank Alexander, C. J. & Pat Baker, Ralph & Joy Basel, Ernie & Jan Dyer, Danny & Betty Lucas, Bob Rainbolt, Bob & Beth Shipp and Stan Zaremba.   Those entering the dance hall for registration felt a warm Kansas welcome.   Thank you for a good job!

Connie & I received many compliments on the numbers in our Club March for the Grand March.   Compliments like "your club is very colorful, makes a grand showing, and it is wonderful to see bigger clubs like yours" were received.

After-dance ice cream was held at the Days Inn snack room for our club.   Forty-eight enjoyed the ice cream, which was hosted Saturday night by Larry & Alice DeMoss, Clarence and Sharon Kowalewski.   Sticky hands, and happy smiles, all.   Thanks for your help, DeMosses and Kowalewskis!

Thank you, Dave and Barbara Neff for arranging the Days Inn.   The inn was clean, well-priced for all, had an indoor pool which received good use, and a very accomodating staff, who made a point of providing some adult food, when requested.   The location was good.   We may have located a place we could enjoy returning to next year.

A HUGE thanks to each of you who attended the convention from our club!   Each of you greatly helped KSDA by your attendance.   The attendance this year was up five dancers from last year, and you are partly responsible for that.   We hope you had a good time, and worked toward the objective of your having a grand experience for the weekend.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

See you Saturday Evening, June 9 at the Aloha Dance, with 7:30 PLUS, and 8:00 Mainstream.   (For the Committee folks -- we can get into the building at 6:15.)

As recently as one hour before leaving Salina, we found another member who was not aware of the location change, and so please call your friends/acquaintainences this week to remind them.   (We will prepare a sign to leave out at the Fairgrounds with the address change.)

Directions to the First Methodist West Campus, 867 Highway 40, Lawrence:   This is the new church location just west of Hwy 40 and Hwy 10 Bypass interchange, on the south side of Hwy 40.

                        -- Lloyd & Connie

"'Happy Times' Come From Square Dancing In 2007"