A Message From Our President

December 15, 2005

Bob Rainbolt, Caller Coordinator has completed the 2006 caller calendar by contracting the Sept. 9, 2006 dance with Ken Bower, of California, who is a wonderful, nationally-recognized square dance caller.   Our dance schedule is completed on the HTS 2006 Dance Calendar, which is located in the upper-right hand location of the HTS website.   Plans are for Ken Bower to call Mainstream & Plus at our dance.

Thanks, Bob, for your follow-through & efforts to complete the 2006 calendar!!   You've done well!

Starting now, for the rest of us HTS'ers, we will all be involved in Traveling to local square dance clubs during 2006 to not only share the good news about our caller, Vic Perry, we will also share the news of the national caller, Ken Bower, who will call for us in Sept 9, 2006 at our HTS Birthday Dance.   Each small group of us on informal traveling will also want to mention both callers to the host clubs & then notify Vernon & Toni, Travel Coordinators, of the visit, in the event the Nelsons do not travel to that particular club.   We want to keep track of all clubs visited to advertise our Sept 9 dance.

Other excellent local callers who are now under contract will be Dana Shirmer, who will call for us on March 11, Larry Crady, who will call on April 8, and Bill Roles, who will call May 13.

"Networking" -- sharing the word -- which has served us so well thus far with HTS growth & development, will also serve well in promoting the facts we have Vic Perry, the above three & Ken Bower calling for us in 2006.   At a later appropriate time, Kaye Grover & Edie Boehle, Publicity, will submit appropriate information regarding our Sept. HTS Birthday Dance with Ken Bower to the Travel On.

Please also mention the HTS Website features to your friends & others who can gain great information from the HTS website.   With the site, we have the 2006 schedule, callers, a tutorial on how to use the site & many other features including access to maps, which includes directions to Bldg #21 on the Fairgrounds in Lawrence.   All this is courtesy of Bob Rainbolt, our Webmaster.

We have both sides of Bldg #21 reserved for Sept 9, 2006, and so we can have "One Grand National Square Dance." We are making this Sept 9, 2006 dance one of HTS' primary fund raisers.   Several of us who have danced with Ken Bower give testimonial that he is, like Vic & our other three guest callers, a very excellent caller.   Others who have traveled to dance with Ken Bower, from Wichita to the Greater KC area, also give clear evidence of his calling ability.

              -- Lloyd & Connie